My partner chose Charelli as the venue of choice for my birthday dinner (actually our first and second choices were closed on Sundays so it was the third choice!)

Having visited Charelli Breda before, for a coffee, we already knew it had a pleasant atmosphere. Situated near the centre of the city, this restaurant was very convenient for us. We discovered upon our arrival that it was quite busy. About three quarters of the tables were full. There was a bit of confusion about where we would be sitting and we had to wait about ten minutes to get a menu and order something to drink.

Browsing the menu (mine was in English, which is always handy since I have not lived in the Netherlands for so long!) I was happy to find that oysters were on there. My partner also loves them so we ordered a dozen oysters to start with and a glass of white wine each. You can buy wine by the glass or by the bottle. There are usually four whites and four reds to choose from, if you want to buy wine by the glass.

Poor Service

The service was already becoming a bit annoying because it was so slow. It took about ten minutes to get our drinks. The Riesling was much too cold but tasted good. The oysters were fantastic and I can highly recommend them.

Main Courses

For our main meals, I chose the tournedos which were really tender and came with potatoes (which did not taste so fresh) as well as a nice salad, fries and a vegetable omelet type of side dish (which was actually very tasty). My partner had a steak too, although my mushroom and truffle sauce was much nicer than his roquefort sauce.

We had a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon with the meal, which was also good. For dessert, we had one “chocolate delight” which is chocolate mousse with fruit sorbet, and one rhubarb crumble. The desserts were great. All the food was good actually. It is just a shame the service was so lacklustre.

Overall Impressions

We spent quite a long time sitting at the table with empty plates and glasses, trying in vain to attract the attention of one of the waiters and once we asked for the wine list and the waitress forgot to bring it. It is often the little things that are important in restaurants and the service really let Charelli down. At the end, after paying our bill, we were totally ignored, so we had to go and find our own coats in their cloakroom which did not impress me much. So much for security!

I would give the food at Charelli Breda eight out of ten and the service three and a half. The place was not totally full and there were quite a few staff. Unfortunately they were inattentive and it was hard to attract their attention. I am not that fussy normally, and quite forgiving if the food is up to par, but the service was really bad and I probably would not go to Charelli Breda again because of the very poor service.

Source by Victoria Haneveer

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