Ahn’kahet- The Old Kingdom –

Ahn’kahet- The Old Kingdom is located in Dragonblight, in the whole in the ground directly west of Agmar’s Hammer.

Elder Nadox-

Nadox is a pretty easy boss. There are multiple adds that come out during the fight that the tank has to pick up. There is one elite add that makes the boss immune while the add is alive. Kill this add first then focus back on the boss. This happens a few times during the fight.

Prince Taldaram-

Taldaram casts a spell multiple times during a fight that incapcitates one party member for a short period of time. Dealing heavy damage on that party member. Big heals are needed on the party member that taldaram picks. Other than that just take this bad boy down.


This boss is fairly easy. Mushrooms appear sometimes in the fight. Some are poison and some are healthy mushrooms. The DPS and Tank need to attack the healthy mushrooms.

Jedoga Shadowseeker-

This boss is one of the harder ones. If you do not have decent DPS you will wipe. Jedoga flies up in the air multiple times during the fight. While in the air, she selects an add to come to her. While the add walks slowly to her, the DPS need to find the add and take it out fast. If the DPS fail then Jedoga will become enraged, which means you will wipe.

Herald Volazj-

Once you do this boss a couple times; you are gana start hating him. He casts a spell that makes your party turn against you twice a fight. Each party member must kill their other party members to break through the spell. Once this is done, everyone will meet up again to start fighting the boss.

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