The word aphrodisiac is derived from Aphrodite, the goddess of love. No wonder foods that stimulate you sexually are referred as aphrodisiacs. It is also responsible to heighten the senses. Foods that are soft, silky, smoky, musky, sweet or juicy can be suggestive and alluring. The shape and texture of some foods commonly considered to be aphrodisiacs (oysters, bananas) get a lot of mileage out of association with one body part or another.

Certain foods have been used as sexual stimulants for centuries. For instance, Ginseng is one such herb that was first discovered by the Chinese and is still being used in formulation to heighten sexual desire among men. It develops the endocrine gland function and has a therapeutic effect on sex glands. Moreover it rejuvenates and increases longevity.

Some other natural sexual stimulants include:

*Muira Pauma-This herb has it’s origin in Brazil. It is clinically proven to improve libido and sexual function in men. It is used as an aphrodisiac and nerve stimulant in South American medicine.

*L-Arginine– This is an amino-acid that that stimulates growth hormone and boosts the immune system. It is known to increase ejaculate volume and intensity of orgasms. It also improves sperm motility.

*Dodder Seed– It provides the major boost to kidney, liver, reproductive, urinary and cardiovascular systems. It is extensively used to treat impotence, premature ejaculation, frequent urination and sexual disinterest in males.

*Ginkgo– It increases blood circulation and supply of oxygen not only to heart and brain but to all other body parts as well. In men , it increases arterial inflow to the erectile tissues through arteries and veins without any change to the systemic blood pressure.

*Herba Epimedii-This herb increases male sperm count and semen density substantially. It also develops the circulatory system’s blood vessels, while allowing hormone-enriched blood to penetrate sensitive tissues.

*Catuaba-Catuaba is in the area of treating incapacity of the male genital organs. It is an innocent aphrodisiac, safe and highly effective for long term use.Catuaba, a Brazilian herbal medicine is considered a central nervous system tonic with aphrodisiac properties. The bark is used for sexual impotency, agitation, nervousness, neurasthenia, poor memory or forgetfulness, and sexual weakness.

*Zinc Gluconate– This sex nutrient is important for the male reproductive system. Zinc is also essential for healthy prostate function. Testosterone, the most essential anabolic our bodies naturally produce, is recognized to be closely interrelated with zinc.

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