In this article, you are going to find out two fabulous sex positions to send her G spot orgasms quickly and easily.

#1. Seagulls on the wings

In this position, she lies on her back with her buttock near the edge. She spreads her legs wide and rest feet on the floor. You kneel between her legs and go into her body from front. Keep your posture straight to ensure penis and vaginal are parallel. This position always guarantees G spot orgasms as your penis gets to rub against her G spot directly. To multiply her pleasure, use your hands to massage her clitoris and nipples.

#2. Spoon position

In this position, both partners lie side by side comfortably on bed. Then, you penetrate from behind slowly and gently. Keep thrusting shallow and slow to ensure your member rub against her G spot. To intensify the stimulation, lift up one of her leg.

Extra hot tips

#1. Go slow: unlike men, it takes time to “warm up” women for sex. Experts believe that it takes at least 15 minutes of arousal time before a woman can reach the big “O”. If you spend time to build up her sensation, it increases the likelihood of female orgasm. According to Dr. Dr Kenneth Stubbs, author of The Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions: The Tantric Art of Love. “Orgasms that result from a long, slow buildup are frequently much stronger than those that are achieved with fast and intense stimulation.” (Source: cosmopolitan)

#2. Get fatter: as G spot is located 1.5-3 inches away from vaginal opening, a wide penis is more likely to trigger G spot orgasm than a long one. In order to maximize her pleasure during sex, you are encouraged to exercise your penis regularly to increase size of penis girth.

Source by Ian Lee

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