Book Review for “Cowboy Love”

Written by: Sandy Sullivan

Siren Publishing

ISBN: 1-60601-557-5

eBook Format


232 pages

4 stars

Sullivan pens a suspense filled contemporary western romance with “Cowboy Love.” Amy Russell is a dedicated nurse who also likes to rope rodeo on the weekends. While her professional life is soaring, her personal life is a mess. Then she meets a handsome cowboy named Tanner Lewis. Is he the one to finally tame her restless heart, or will he break it into a thousand pieces?

Amy goes with her friend, Chris, to visit Chris’s family. While there, Amy meets a good-looking, young cowboy named Tanner Lewis. The sparks are instantaneous between the two. Sullivan’s story is full of graphic love scenes, which aren’t for the faint of heart.

Tanner works as a cowboy, trying to break in mares. He also moonlights as a singer in a band. He lives four hours away from Amy. After a weekend full with passionate lovemaking, Amy goes back to Dallas and to her life as a nurse, but she can’t forget Tanner and he can’t forget her. They try to make their love distance relationship work.

When Amy returns from seeing Tanner, her ex-boyfriend, Jack, vows to get back at her. The suspense builds when Amy is accused of stealing prescription drugs from the hospital. Amy really needs Tanner support in the face of these charges.

The plot is relatively fast paced, with plenty of love making scenes. As the story winds down, it feels like it’s almost rushed at the end. Tanner is a likable guy. Amy is a likable heroine, but she’s much more complex. She works as a nurse, but she also likes participating in the rodeos. She’s more of a “cowboy” than Tanner in that regard. She’s very strong in her professional life which makes her weaknesses regarding her personal life seem almost not believable. The supporting cast compliments the story well.

Sullivan paints a good picture of her setting with a nice economy of words which allows the reader to visualize Amy and Tanner’s world. The story has a nice modern, western feel to it, as it’s set in Texas and Amy lives in Dallas. The suspense is good, leaving the reader worried for Amy and Tanner after they come together as a couple. The narration is in the third person, but switches between characters in the scene, which can be confusing for some readers.

Sullivan has an easy writing style which makes”Cowboy Love” an engaging read. “Cowboy Love,” is a thrill for those who enjoy riveting love making scenes.

Source by Steph Burkhart

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