Truffles are considered rare and a delicacy in some countries, thus its high price. The majority of the truffles are from Europe, although countries like the United States, Australia and New Zealand are already venturing into commercial reproduction.

Not all varieties are the same. Although there are hundreds of truffle species, not all are consumed by humans. There are particular truffles which are considered higher in value likened to other species, like the white truffle. The lowest value was in 1992, when it arrived at the country $350 for each pound. Its most expensive was when each pound costs $2000. The most expensive was the white truffle weighing 3.3 pounds purchased for $330,000.

Since buying truffles is no light matter, in relation to budget, it is important to consider several points to make sure that you would be getting your money worth. Timing is necessary in harvesting, marketing and buying truffles. There are truffles like the black winter variety that is best bought during its peak season which is from February to March.

Truffles have their own features and colors which could change established on how old they are or maturity. For example, black truffles when in their growing stages would have red exterior color with the inside white in place of black. This would be during early spring. Upon September to November, the black would become dark grey or black with white veins. This is an indication that the truffles are mature enough to harvest and to eat.

The truffles should not reach beyond this point. They would develop a disagreeable odour and they become spongy and dry. Truffles showing this sort of characteristics are no longer ideal for consumption. When looking for truffles, ensure that they’re harvested in their right age.

There are truffles that are preserved so that maybe distributed. These mushrooms are cooked at 400 degrees and frozen, so that they would be in a position to reach its destination.

Truffle mushrooms are not the only ones used for cooking. There are also different truffle products which in addition provide the same pungent taste, like truffle oil, butter, honey, vinegar and paste. There is even a truffle vodka, that is not only made use of in cocktails but also in different dishes.

If you’ve chose to purchase truffle products, then you expect less intense flavour. It may even fade away quickly. Truffle products ought to be kept faraway from direct sunlight and should be depleted immediately to achieve best results.

If it is tough to search truffles products in your location, then the best alternative would be to check on the web sites. The Gourmet Food Outlet and Earthly Delights are two of respectable online sites where you could locate gourmet mushrooms and truffle products.

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