Cialafil is a natural male enhancement product that is targeted towards older men to use and try. This probably isn’t the best idea, because it is a common misconception that only older men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Men of any age can suffer from various symptoms of erectile dysfunction. These pills claim that they can increase stamina, increase overall sex drive, and show an increase in men that need help getting erections, and keeping their erections up. This is pretty standard across the board when it comes to pill form male enhancement, and this product doesn’t really represent anything new to the market.

Looking closely at the ingredient list, it brings up the question of if this product will really work. None of the well-known, potent ingredients like Yohimbe and Horny Goat Weed are present in the ingredient list. Some men like to try new products that use other extracts rather then use the same old formula, but the downside of this is you never know if it will really work. There is no need to go see your doctor for a prescription to Cialafil, but it might be a good idea to discuss with your doctor that you are going to take this product because the complete ingredient list for these pills is sometimes hard to find, or trust. Men haven’t really reported too severe of side effects, except some men claimed it had a steroid like effect on them, which cannot be positive.

Cialafil self advertises itself to older men that it can make them feel young again, sexually. This means the ingredients at work here will increase a guy’s testosterone levels. Testosterone levels will decrease over years with age naturally, so to bring those levels back up, certain ingredients can ensure this increase. Another thing this product wishes to do is bring your hormonal levels up, like when you were a teenager. This is what will increase sex drive and stamina.

One of the biggest downsides of this product is that there are no clinical trials that have been found on Cialafil. With an ingredient list that shows no trusted extracts that have been proven to work, and no clinical trials, you never know if this will really work for you. The company claims it will work for 36 hour periods at a time, which is a pretty long time for a fast acting cure to erectile dysfunction, so to make this claim with no solid proof might be a bit of a stretch for Cialafil.

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