I am sure you want a bigger penis! Every guy wants that also. There is this popular line that women repeat when trying to patronize men concerning their penile size, the line is “size does not matter”! I hate reading or hearing that. Every man knows this is not true. The truth is obvious – women love big penises! Lady Gaga is one woman that doesn’t lie when it comes to such things. She openly said it in an interview that she prefers guys with big penises. Women prefer guys with bigger sizes because they give them vaginal orgasms during penetration. A bigger penis is much sweeter than a small or average one.

A big penis gives more friction inside a woman’s vagina and on her clitoris during penetration than a small or average size. Guys with bigger penis can easily give a woman multiple orgasms during penetration compared with guys with average or small sizes that have a hard time giving a woman just one orgasm. A big penis simultaneously stimulates a woman’s clitoris and vagina during penetration; this is why it is easier for a woman to achieve multiple orgasms.

I am sure you are still very much interested in learning how to get a bigger penis that can please your woman better during sexual intercourse. Let me show you some of the few penile enlargement techniques that are available to you if you want a bigger penis:

Penile Pumps: When you make use of these devices, you create a vacuum surrounding your penis. This gives you an erection instantly because blood flows quickly rushes into your penis. The erection is harder and a lit bit bigger than your normal erections. Using these pumps cannot and will not give you a bigger penis permanently. They are best used by men with erection problems. Using them frequently will make you dependent on them to achieve an erection.

Hanging weights: It is believed that hanging weights was a technique used by Pharaohs of Egypt to get a bigger penis to satisfy their wives and concubines. All it entails is hanging weights on your penis everyday for some hours so that your penile tissues can be elongated. Using hanging weights frequently would give you a slightly longer penis but it also gives you weaker erections. If you want a stronger and bigger penis, there is a more effective technique you can use.

Penile Enlargement Surgery: This option is chosen by men who have a lot of money in the bank. It gives instant results. After 6 – 8 hours of undergoing surgery, you would see a bigger penis but the risks involved should scare any normal thinking guy away. Most guys that pay for surgery end up being dissatisfied with the results that they get. Undergoing surgery cannot add more than 1 inch to the length of your manhood.

Herbal penis enhancement pills: Using these herbal penis enhancement pills alone would not give you a bigger penis permanently. There is no pill that can increase the size of your manhood permanently. What these pills do is that they increase your libido, improve blood circulation to your genital region and boosts your sexual stamina. Most pills sold on the internet contain harmful ingredients that are not supposed to be consumed frequently; one of such ingredient is Yohimbe. However there are just a few merchants selling quality herbal penis enhancement pills on the internet and they come packaged with a natural penis exercise program.

Natural penile enlargement exercises: Doing these exercises consistently and diligently would give you a bigger penis. They can add as much as 3 inches to your penile length and 2 inches to your penile girth. Natural penis exercises are divided into the advanced and the beginner exercises. You do the beginner exercises when you start for about 2 month. After that you begin doing the advanced set of exercises. When engaging in these exercises, you literally force you penile tissues to expand and elongate using your hands only. Before you begin any exercise session it is important that you warm up your penis by wrapping with a towel soaked in hot water. This relaxes your penile tissues and prevents you from getting injuries during the exercise session.

When engaging in natural penis exercises, you are not meant to exercise every day. You need to keep 2 or 3 days for rest. These rest days is when your penis would repair its worn-out tissues. After healing, the penile tissues become stronger and larger in size. If you really want to get the best possible gains, then you should sign up for a quality natural penis exercises program that contains adequate details on how you should perform each exercise and in what order that it should be performed so you would be able to see penile growth.

If you want to get a bigger penis in the quickest possible time, then combine natural penis exercises with a quality herbal penis enhancement pill. This combination ensures that your penile tissues heal and re-grow faster after each work-out sessions. I used this combination to increase my penile length by 2 inches and penile girth by 1½ inches. Hundreds of thousands of men have used this combination to get a bigger penis quickly.

Source by Tayo Olatunde

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