Although some sex therapists might have you believing that penis size does not matter, the simple truth is that it does matter a lot. How then can we explain the desperation so many men exhibit in trying to enlarge their penile size by any means possible. Excluding men with large penises, most men usually shy away from situations that demand the exposure of their genitals. When in places like the gym, urinal, the swimming pool and on the beach most men with small penises usually avoid exposing their genitals to the public to avoid ridicule.

If you are of the opinion that penis size does not matter, how then do you explain the sexual frustration that a woman feels when she has vaginal sex with a man that has an erect penile length of 41/2 inches and girth of 4 inches? Of course penis size matters. Why deceive yourself that it doesn’t. All things equal when faced with the option of choosing a lover, which do you think women would choose, a man with a small penis or a man with a large penis? The answer is very obvious.

They are a number of surveys that have been carried out by various organizations to find out the length and girth of the average penis. A large number of this surveys have had distorted results because of the respondents were asked to measure themselves and as a results most men lie about their penile girth and length. But generally for every large penis there is also a small penis to balance it up in the male population. Most surveys carried out by academic, medical and commercial organizations usually reveal that the average penis size is usually within the range of 5 and 6 inches in length and 4 and 5 inches in girth. Does that seem large enough for most men? No! Most men (including you) want more.

Do you wish you had a large penis? I am sure you replied yes to that question, just like you there are so many men that also wish for bigger genitals. Most men feel more confident when they have a bigger penis. There was a study that was conducted some years back by a Los Angeles University that actually reinforced the my statement that most men do not like their average penis size and want a larger penis if it was possible without having to undergo painful and expensive surgery. This survey revealed that 8 out of every 10 of the respondents would love to enlarge their penis. Of course this is no news. We humans are never satisfied. We always want a bigger and better toy.

Up till December 2007 I always wished I had a large penis. I was “statistically average”. You know what most survey says is the average penis size, but I always felt I was not big enough. Nobody dreams of being average, everybody wishes to be more than the average guy. I always dreamt of going to the gym wearing tight shorts and having all the ladies stare at my crotch with lust in their eyes, while the guys stare at me with envy.

Considering the amount of jokes being made by celebrity women over former lovers with small penis, it is understandable why men with small genitals usually shy away from having sex. I read in a forum where a lady said her lover’s small penis size was what lead to the break off of their relationship as she could not endure having sexual intercourse with a guy with a “tiny” penis. Observe the word endure, this is to tell you that women love large penises as it fills up their vaginas much more than an average or small penis can ever do.

At last I found the solution to my problems and after five months of engaging in penis exercises and taking a herbal penis enlargement pill, I marveled at the huge size of my “sexual member”. The confidence of knowing I am far larger than the average guy shows on my face every day. Asides the penile gains I achieved while taking herbal penis enlargement pills and engaging in penis exercise, my erections have become “rock” solid and my sexual stamina have increased. All this took from me was five months of dedication to penis exercise program and herbal penis enlargement pills and not forgetting some change from my pocket.

Do you want a bigger penis? Of course you do, that’s why you are still reading this. But why keep waiting when you can experience all the benefits that come with having a large penis swing between your thighs. I am a true testimony to the wonders of what a quality penis exercise program and herbal penis enlargement pill can bring to a man’s life.

Why remain unhappy and frustrated with your sex life, when you can improve it. If you want to transform your average or small penis to a large penis, what are you waiting for? Always try to keep yourself happy you owe it to yourself.

Source by Temitayo Olatunde

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