Eros Max claims that it is not only a sexual enhancing pill that you take twice a day, but also a penis enhancement pill as well. Most penis enhancing pills aren’t taken very seriously in the male enhancement market, but because this one also helps men with erectile dysfunction, it can be bought for other things then penis enhancement. The pill is to be taken three times a day, which can be a bit much, but for desired results I suppose you will have to buy many pills of this male enhancement supplement.

First off, to clear up any controversy, the exact ingredient list for Eros Max is hard to find. This is because it is sold on numerous websites and each website will list their own version of the ingredient list for this product. What could really help this problem out is if this male supplement got its own product website, that way the ingredient list can clearly be stated once and for all. For the most part though, the ingredients stay consistent, except some say this product has Yohimbe, and others say it does not. Yohimbe is a power hitter in male enhancement, and can even make or break a product, so they should really sort out the fact as to if Eros Max really contains Yohimbe. Either way, the product is completely natural and no side effects have been seen thus far.

Eros max uses the conventional outtake on male enhancement to cure men of erectile dysfunction. The formula is a blend of ingredients that help promote blood flow, use aphrodisiacs to increase sex drive, and the formula contains various energy boosters to enhance the sexual experience overall. Some products believe this increase in blood will increase the size of the penis, which is why this product considers itself not only a help to impotency, but also a penis enlarger. The advised taking of this supplement is a bit troublesome. You are supposed to take it twice during lunchtime, and once before dinner. This is how maximum results are achieved, but can become an annoyance after a while because if you miss a couple pills, the process will be hindered.

Because the lack of a product website, it is hard to find consumer reviews on Eros Max. It is also hard to find if there were ever any clinical trials done on this male enhancement supplement. The key factor to this products success though is if it contains Yohimbe or not. Even if it does contain Yohimbe, it still should not be considered a penis enhancement pill because it does not work in men to do this.

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