Estro Blaster takes a slightly new approach in helping men overcome erectile dysfunction. Most products use ingredients that increase blood flow throughout the body. Other products will focus on increasing testosterone. This male enhancement pill actually uses its formula to decrease the amount of estrogen a man might have in his system. This is sort of related to testosterone levels, but instead of increase testosterone, they are just getting rid of any type of estrogen that could be in a man’s system. It is basically does the same thing as testosterone increasers, but in a different way.

Only a couple of the ingredients found in Estro Blaster are familiar and known in male enhancement. These specific ingredients that are seen often are Tribulus and Stearic Acid. Even Stearic Acid is a rarity anymore. The rest of the ingredients don’t appear to be too effective with male enhancement. This might be explained because the way this product tackles erectile dysfunction is from decreasing estrogen levels, which will make testosterone levels more effective. The ingredients are all side effect free, and found naturally. This makes for a safe product, but at the cost of being potentially ineffective. There is no need to see your doctor before trying a cycle of these pills either.

Many people that are in the male enhancement industry are convinced that testosterone levels and estrogen levels have a lot to do with why men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Instead of an overall lack of testosterone, estrogen levels that are abnormally high in a man’s body could kill sex drive, and even cause problems getting an erection. Estro Blaster truly believes by eliminating most of the estrogen inside your body is exactly what you need to get your sex life back. Once you are estrogen free, you will once again have total control over your erections, have a sex drive like a teenager, and also increase your sexual performance.

The way Estro Blaster explains why men might have high estrogen levels sounds a bit unscientific. They say anything from air to water can be the cause. Men find this a little suspect to say the least. Men that have actually tried this product have been giving it an overall negative review. There are even men out there that gave this product multiple months to work, and still didn’t see results. Maybe it needs to be proven that you have high estrogen levels for being a male, and then from there you could use this pill to decrease those levels. Estro Blaster is a bit of a stretch to work, and should only be purchased if you feel that estrogen is the cause of your erectile dysfunction.

Source by Paul A Buchanan

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