Ezerex was a male enhancement pill that was actually recalled by the FDA. The product is back on the market now with a safer formula, but because at one point it was recalled, this makes some men weary of trying it again. The reason why it was recalled in the first place was because it resulted in sudden drops in blood pressure among men, which is a very dangerous situation. The entire point of natural male enhancements Is that there are no side effects that you have to worry about, so it defeats the purpose to go with a supplement that gives you life threatening side effects.

Ezerex is used for men that suffer from erectile dysfunction. It promotes to give you larger, longer lasting erections after you take the pill. It isn’t a lasting cure, but a fast acting boost to your sex life. Most men see results within 30 minutes of taking the pill, which actually is a very fast result. It also claims to last up to 72 hours, which if true, makes this a very potent form of male enhancement. This means you won’t have to preplan the next few days of when you might need a sexual boost to achieve an erection.

On top of increasing your erection rate and size, Ezerex also promote longer lasting orgasms, increased sexual stamina, and a major increase in sex drive. This pill covers all areas of male enhancement and sexual dysfunction, which might be why it was recalled at one point. Maybe they made the drug too potent, resulting in nasty side effects that men must avoid. It’s not worth your life to increase your sexual performance. The ingredient list at this point is hard to find, but claims to now be safe and 100% side effects free.

The overall price to buy these pills seems to be a bit high, but this is backed with a satisfaction guarantee. This company is trying to rebound from a recall though, so you would think the prices would be reduced for the time being, to gain the trust of men that are seeking a safe way to increase their sexual performance, and to cure their problems of erectile dysfunction. There have not been any clinical trials yet for Ezerex, but reviews on the website remain positive. These reviews are a little bias though, considering many men are speaking out against this product because of it’s rocky past, so users should try this drug at their own risk, and hope it works for them without giving nasty side effects.

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