Research shows that lotions for stretch marks can help a lot in fading stretch marks. These creams and lotions re-hydrate the skin and maintain the skins elasticity when it is stretched during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Stretch marks can be aggravated due to dryness and itchiness of the skin. Women often use anti stretch marks creams and daily moisturizers available in the market to reduce these stretch marks after pregnancy. These lotions for stretch marks not only reduce dryness but also stimulate the skin resulting in good circulation to the affected areas that further diminishes stretch marks.

Stretch marks are unwanted red and white streaks which appear across hips, thighs, stomach, breasts, arms and shoulders. They usually occur during pregnancy. However, there can be other reasons which may include rapid weight gain or loss, dry skin, heredity, etc. Today, there are many treatments available in market. But the easiest way of removing these pregnancy stretch marks are the stretch mark lotions and creams available in market.

Studies reveal that creams that contain Vitamin A or Vitamin E can prove to be effective on stretch marks. Popularly known creams derived from Vitamin A are Tretinoin, or Retin-A. These creams can prove to be beneficial but are not recommended to pregnant women or while breastfeeding. It is advisable that women using Retin-A should stop taking Vitamin A supplements while using this cream. Further, GP advice is must before using these lotions for pregnancy stretch marks as these creams can cause side effects.

Lotions that contain Vitamin E can effectively remove pregnancy stretch marks. Vitamin E is considered to be the best anti-oxidant. It nourishes the cells and protects the skin from damage. Further, Alpha Hydrox Acid (AHAs or fruit acids) is also considered to be helpful in removing ugly stretch marks. As these acids are made from plant extracts, creams containing AHAs can help in removing pregnancy stretch marks without doing any damage to the skin and at the same time keeping the skin soft and supple.

These lotions make the outer layer of the skin thinner so that the cream can reach the dermis where it can increase the amount of collagen produced. This can result in some dangerous side effects including swelling and redness of skin. In addition, strong application of these lotions on stretch marks can cause the skin to sting.

All these anti stretch marks lotions contain steroids like centella asiatica or hydrocortisone which can damage the texture of the skin. Therefore, one should avoid using these lotions for stretch marks removal and opt for a natural source for removing unwanted ugly stretch marks. Creams containing cocoa butter in them are the option to choose and are often recommended for diminishing scars. Besides cocoa butter, one can also go for creams that contain wheat germ oil, lavender oil, olive oil and lanolin in them.

There is no time frame for the healing process by using these creams as the effect varies from skin to skin. Still you can begin to see the results after 3-4 weeks of continuous use. These creams should be used for about 4-6 months accompanied with good massage of the affected area to notice a significant difference.

To sum up, stretch marks is a problem which is found most commonly in women after pregnancy. These stretch marks occur due to skin expansion, dryness and itchiness. Various lotions for stretch marks containing vitamin A or vitamin E can be used to remove stretch marks. However, while using such lotions/creams for stretch marks one should bear in mind the possible harmful side effects they might have on one’s skin.

Source by Saurabh K Jain

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