Girls, we are currently pawing our way out of a very sticky recession. It’s so sticky even after we pull ourselves free, we may never get unstuck. How can you look dope without going broke? Fashion Goddess Rule #80 is: Cheap dresses look better in green.

We are entering a new age of smart shopping. It’s no longer faux pas to buy bargain wear. A new monarch of fashion royalty has been crowned — the fashionista. And her color of preference is green.

Green is the color of money, so it is inherently rich. The hue exudes wealth, conservation, social awareness, and responsibility. Wearing the color is a subtle indication that you are prosperous and profound.

Cheap Gorgeous Dresses

A lot of stores offer plenty of cheap formal dresses. For instance, this type of dress is a regal, emerald green, strapless, charmeuse gown with a bow wrapped around the bosom. It’s a luxury look for a reasonable price.

Cheap Evening Dresses

Several couture stores carry several cheap evening dresses. For example, there is a green, floor length, charmeuse design with a deep-v front dress. Three rhinestone accents add even more posh.

Cheap Prom Dresses

There are lost of designers with a sampling of affordable dresses. Check out a one-shoulder ruched green look. It has a bouquet of flowery ruffles on the left shoulder and right hip.

Cheap Jazzy Dresses

Stores have quite a few cheap prom dresses in their very own collection. There’s a silk, princess cut, emerald ensemble with a criss-cross back. The waist shimmers with jewels.

Cheap Cocktail Dresses

I know that e-commerce stores have some cheap cocktail dresses. There’s one that comes in mint green and it will impress even those with the most expensive taste. It’s a strapless, ruched, sweetheart design with a bouquet of 3-D flowers covering the bustline.

Cheap Short Dresses

If you’re searching for cheap short dresses, I suggest go online. It doesn’t have to be all one color to look pricey. For instance, there’s a green print club dress. The top is a psychedelic swirl of beads with green accents. And the bottom is a jungle pattern of predominately green color strikes.

Cheap Formals Dresses

Many of you are probably in need of a cheap summer dress right about now. Formal dresses would work for a summer wedding. It’s a refreshing shade of bright green jersey with thin-jeweled straps.

Cheap Night Dresses

A bunch of on line fashionable dresses catalog has a cheap party dress or two. Here you’ll find two more examples of prints that still fit the golden rule. Both of these styles have artistic fabric patterns that look more costly than they are.

Lastly, if you know how to buy a cheap dress online, you’ll save even more money. When you shop on the web, it eliminates the dreaded “impulse buy” scenario. Pictures are easier to resist than actual garments.

Source by Teresa K Knight

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