Anjara (Sumanth Ashwin), an apiece producer, is an introvert and introducing love affair. As the families of the two families agree, the field is ready for the wedding. So if the marriage is confirmed, doubts start on Akshara Anand. Introduce the love of her in the early days of the day.. At the same time her ex-boyfriend Vijay (Raja) comes back to her life. Uncertainty takes place in an uncertainty about who chooses to choose his spouse forever. And how is she survived from this ambiguity? The story is about sharing the life of anyone else. Happy Wedding ‘is a realistic movie to talk about the ideas of this generation of young people in marriage. When a girl does not slap their views on the wedding, Many parents give their daughters complete freedom. Their views are waiting. Do not worry?

What is the girl who is going to go home? She is sick and in any situation.. any opinion about her own life.. How happy a girl responds to a life’s direction. This story.. Though the characters are contemporary, this generation is the lowest passion for the audience’s interest, but there are no interesting swords. Narrative Slowly.. The short story is stretching too.. The conflicts point is also small because of the ‘Happy Wedding’. Emma is new in the beginning.. before the beginning of love.. For a few days she is a very caring girl.. The girl love is okay.. why she is on karim while on ‘happy wedding’ runs on ‘Happy Wedding’. This is the same conflicts point in the film. But the episode of the new director Laxman’s choice for the story is too short. Smaller can be very big if taken up to one person. I hope that the problem will be too big when showing up in a movie. But if I go to Vijayawada in Hyderabad to the heroine of ‘Happy Wedding’, he is angry that he does not come together soon enough and asks for a serious decision. Even though she was not the only cause of her decision, other reasons she said were convincing. It was chosen as a convincing point and a long distance from the story went down. The heroine is still in the Confucians despite her confusion until the wedding day. This is the feeling that the story is dramatically changed.. Comfortable in the beginning.. Happy ‘Happy Wedding’ will change very often over a stage.

Source by T Ramprasad

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