Herbagra is a natural sexual enhancement pill that can also be used by women too. On top of being a sexual enhancement supplement, this product can equally be used as a dietary supplement. Most male enhancement pills that can be used for women as well do not get the greatest reviews from men because they consider it not as effective as it can be. Another problem that is revolving around this product is that the ingredient list doesn’t reveal everything that is used in the formula.

The ingredients that are listed for Herbagra appear to be completely natural and free of adverse side effects. Some of the key ingredients are Epimedium and Herba Cistanches. While Epimedium is proven to be effective with male enhancement, Herba Cistanches has yet to be deemed effective in sexually enhancing men and women. Recent studies have shown something that is alarming to consumers that have tried this enhancement pill. Large traces of Sildenafil Citrate have been discovered being used in Herbagra. This ingredient used in prescription male enhancement pills, it is also known for causing numerous different side effects. This is a dangerous ingredient to put into a male enhancement pill that is advertised as all natural and safe.

The formula works similar to many male enhancement supplements. It uses ingredients that promote blood circulation throughout the body to enable men to achieve erections whenever they are aroused. It also uses “natural Chinese herbs” to boost sex drive and stamina. In women, this is supposed to equally drive blood to the vaginal areas to promote stimulation and greater sensation during intercourse. The basis of this pill in theory should work, but many consumers, both male and female have claimed the results have been lack luster.

It is hard to trust a company like Herbagra because of the recent findings of dangerous ingredients in their formula. It is also hard to believe this enhancement pill can work for both men and women equally, considering men and women are very different sexually. Many consumers have had nothing good to say about taking these pills, and many have also experienced mild side effects thanks to the use of Sildenafil Citrate. If you are in the market for a male enhancement pill that works, you should probably avoid Herbagra unless you are willing to risk side effects. It is also best to find male enhancement pills that are directed solely for men, and not for both men and women.

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