The male chastity lifestyle is not only exciting; it also has many tangible benefits for both sides of the married couple.

One would think that the woman would get most of the benefits of male chastity – after all, she’s not the one constantly under lock and key. But, honestly, men are the ones who get the greatest benefits out of the male chastity lifestyle.

First, it gives them a huge sense of pride – which is very important to a man. Secretly they are all ashamed at how often they masturbate. By putting an end to this nasty little habit, they feel more like real men and are proud that their sexuality is now used for pleasing their wives.

Secondly, once they are locked up and on a strict release schedule, they become much more sensitive and the act of love feels much better for them. And, they find that they experience much stronger, more emotionally satisfying orgasms.

Thirdly, most men want to be the best husbands they can possibly be. Yet, they know their biology is holding them back from being the ideal partner. Once male chastity allows them to be fully trained by their wife or girlfriend, they become better husbands. This makes them feel better about themselves!

Of course, there are also tons of benefits for the women in their life. Once he is deprived of access to his penis, he’ll need to find other ways to please you if he ever wants to get release. This means you’ll get back rubs, foot rubs and hours and hours of foreplay.

You’ll also never worry about him cheating on you again – because he won’t have the ability to do it. You will end his masturbation habit for good and he’ll have to sit down to pee which means that your bathroom floor will be much, much cleaner!

You’ll also find that a man locked in male chastity is a much more romantic partner. It will be like you are dating again. He’ll take you out to dinner more, buy you flowers and bestow jewelry on you. It will be just like you are dating again – and he’ll rarely if ever blow you off to spend a night out with the boys.

He’ll also become much more of a help around the house. You can easily tell him that to earn release he has to do the dishes, handle the dusting and keep the bathroom clean. He’ll have more time on his hands to get his duties done, because he won’t be wasting time looking at online porn or watching the ballgame.

Instead, he’ll be waiting to serve you – so that you are pleased with him and will be willing to give him a temporary taste of sexual freedom!

As you can see, the benefits of the male chastity lifestyle can help both men and women deepen their relationships and experience the best sex of their lives!

Perhaps, if more couples embraced male chastity, infidelity would not be the problem that it is today. More families would remain devoted, loving and intact.

Source by Sara L. Collins

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