Sexual desire in man or woman is natural. It is perfectly normal to have erotic sexual feelings and fantasies, and you should express it, not only responsibly but also respectfully, in ways that enrich the body, stimulate the mind, and uplift the spirit of Man.

Therefore this natural, but tumultuous sex drive must not only be understood, it must also be controlled, reined-in and given balanced and dignified expression through outlets that enrich and uplift the total Man.

Take a mental survey around you, and you’ll find that the most successful people are also those with highly developed sex natures. However, the mere possession of a high sex drive is not enough; it must be effectively controlled and transmuted into its finer attributes.

This you can achieve through a natural but conscious process of conservation and transmutation; if not, sex energy continues to find release through physical outlets only; and possibly through other less wholesome vents such as crime and drugs.

Sex is a mighty urge to action; but its forces need control and direction. History reveals that for most men of wealth and power, the needed control and guidance came from a harmonious convergence of the desire for sex with the emotion of love and the excitement of romance, usually made possible through the modifying influence of a loving woman – be she a wife or mistress.

And this is the real root of the modifying influence of a loving woman on a successful man – she is truly his amazon, providing just the right admixture of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual solutions that satiate his quest for sex, love and romance – thus inducing balance – the perfect state of mind for superior accomplishment.

With a little thought, it should not be difficult for the discerning mind to realise that the same sex-force, which at its primal state produces such intense orgasmic excitement and energy in both men and women can, when transmuted become:

The fire in the General’s eye;

The melody in the Singer’s voice;

The flow in the Author’s pen;

The warmth in the Teacher’s voice;

The sprint in the Athlete’s feet;

The firmness in a Hand-shake;

The healing in the Pastor’s hands;

The radiance on the Master’s face;

The eloquence of the Orator;

The charisma of the Statesman;

The genius of the Professor;

The charm of a Lover;

The acumen of the Businessman;

The doggedness of the Champion;

The creativity of the Artist;

The equanimity of the Adept;

And much more!

Therefore, the desire for sex is not to be condemned or suppressed, but should be understood, appreciated and lifted to its rightful place in the affairs of Man.

Source by Jay Onwukwe

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