Do you wish you had more sexual stamina?

Well, you are not alone… in fact, it is perfectly normal to aspire for a more fulfilling sex life than the one you currently have. After all, sex is an escape from the day to day hardships we all face. Finding ways to make it that much better can be EXTREMELY rewarding.

Sexual stamina is the fuel to your bedroom fun – and most people (just like you) are looking to make that fun last a LOT longer.

It is also quite common for many people to seek easy answers and quick shortcuts without finding out what factors actually determine our stamina in bed. This is a big mistake.

So, before you rush to buy the latest fad that promises a 400% increase in sexual stamina, do check out some of the natural ways to enhance your longevity in bed. I am listing some of the top one’s for you here:

• Stop Obsessing: Seriously, this is not an attempt to skip the problem. A majority of the time it’s the obsession about the stamina that makes your mind sabotage the whole sexual experience by letting the fear of falling-short take over.

So, while it is not harmful to ponder about sexual stamina from time to time, spending hours thinking about it will only make your sexual confidence go downhill and make the issue worse.

• Focus on Pleasure: Although this applies more to men, even women can benefit from this. This whole issue of performance-while important-is blown out of proportion by marketers of sexual enhancement products and has somehow filled our minds with self-doubt.

Sex is one of the most pleasurable experiences. So as long as you and your partner find it an enjoyable experience there is no need to worry too much about the clock and how long you’ve been going at it.

• Work Out: There is no need to get intimidated and conjure images of Mr. and Miss Universe as your goal. All you need to do is exercise regularly without going overboard.

Working out benefits you in two ways – it increases your physical strength and stamina and also releases endorphins (a chemical in the brain) that keeps you in a positive frame of mind… which is extremely important for a good sexual experience.

So when you exercise, not only will you look good, you also feel great about yourself.

• Relax and Breathe: Most men and women today are plagued by stress. And… one of the common side-effects of stress is a decrease in sexual appetite and reduced libido.

If you want to increase your sexual stamina, you need to de-stress yourself. It would be good if you learn some relaxing techniques like yoga and meditation. These techniques teach you how to focus on your breathing and use it to relax your body completely.

Many people who have used these techniques say that they not only increase their sexual stamina but also make the experience more pleasurable.

• Sleep well: You will be amazed to know that many of us have reduced sexual powers because we are not getting enough good quality sleep. Therefore, it is important for a healthy sex life that you get adequate amount of rest and sleep (at least 7 or 8 hours per night).

Make sure you have fixed sleeping hours and get peaceful sleep daily. A word of caution: sleeping more can also be detrimental to your sexual stamina and tire your body.

• Eat right: There are foods that increase our stamina naturally and then there are those that adversely affect it.

Stay away from fried and processed food as much as possible, especially a few hours before having sex. On the other hand, make the following food a part of your diet:

  • Proteins: Great food for sexual stamina but don’t eat too much of them. – Chicken, lean beef, nuts, lentils and soybeans.
  • Vitamin B rich foods: They reduce stress and are mood elevators. Can be taken as supplements or in Eggs (B5 and B6), Brown rice (B1) and Yogurt (B3)
  • Sea food: Improves hormone levels, a natural aphrodisiac and improves blood circulation.

Source by Heather Jennings

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