No matter how many clichés are coined to assure men that penis size does not matter, most men would always about their penis size, especially if they were born with a small penis. Of course we do not need to carry out any survey to tell us that most men worry if their penis size is big enough for their lovers. A lot of men come to terms with their all their physical flaws except one.

A small penis is not as easy to forget or come to terms with as being short or bald. Men instinctively know that women love big penis, and if a man is unlucky to be born with a “tiny” penis he tends to shy away from making any sexual advances at any woman. For such men they feel there is no point in trying to seduce any woman since she would end up being disappointed at his small penis.

Even though in most situations when a man begins dating a woman, she has no knowledge of his penis size is. Men with small penis still lack confidence in approaching a woman that interests them. Maybe it’s because of the rejection or ridicule that he is expecting would come when she final finds out his “little” secret. Asides avoiding any relationship with a woman that might lead to sex, men with small penises avoid situations that demand exposure of their genitals. Situations like these: going to the beach or a swimming pool, Changing in a locker room or walking around in boxer shorts.

When it comes to dating, there are a lot of things that women would say they do not like. Things like baldness, shyness or a short stature are negatives when it comes to dating beautiful women. The worst of them all is having a “tiny” penis. Women could easily forget the other flaws BUT a small penis would always be an issue as long as a couple keeps having sexual intercourse. The man’s small penis size would always be a source of sexual dissatisfaction for the woman. No wonder a lot of sort relationships have ended because the woman found a new lover who is well endowed. Have you ever been dumped because of the small size of your penis? I know someone who has.

Most men with small penises usually have a lot of sad tales of how they were ridiculed by women and men on their “tiny” penis. As expected this has made such men to be suspicious of every woman as being a potential “Judas” who would betray them by ridiculing them or telling everyone of their “little” secret. Such men usually have very lonely and depressing sexual lives because of their inadequacies. For such men it’s better to be alone than to subject to ridicule every time they pull their pants down.

Are you unhappy with your penis size? Why be depressed about your inadequacy when there are solutions to your problem. First of all rule out the option of undergoing surgery to increase your penis size. The cost and the pain you have to go through are not worth it. Most men who undergo penis enlargement surgery usually have repeat surgeries because the results are not what they expected. Since surgery is out the question, you might wonder which other option you have left. Have you heard of natural penis enlargement?

Natural penis enlargement products range from cream, devices, pumps, pills and exercise programs. But as more are discovering everyday a combination of penis exercises and herbal penis enlargement pills is a sure way to increase penis length and girth by a few inches. There are other natural penis enlargement methods like penis devices, but one complaint by men is that you don’t get to choose the proportion to which you want your penis to grow. With penis exercises you could choose to focus on girth or length or even do both just by changing the exercise routines.

Also for most men herbal penis enlargement pills and penis exercises are very affordable and offer much more convenience than penis devices. Penis exercises only take about 30 minutes a day. Asides the promise of a bigger penis, there are other benefits of using a combination of herbal penis enlargement pill and penis exercises to enlarge your penis. These benefits include:

  • Stronger erections
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • Larger head size
  • Explosive orgasms
  • Improvement in urinary flow

Incase you wondering how I know so much about penis exercises and herbal penis enlargement pills, I used to have a “statistically average penis size”. But I increased my penis girth and length by engaging in penis exercises and taking a quality herbal penis enlargement pill. If I can do this successfully, then you can do it also.

Source by Temitayo Olatunde

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