Much has been said about the healthy benefits associated with resveratrol consumption. Scientific studies and researches have shown that the use of this plant microbial substance keeps the heart healthy, maintain a balance sugar level, helps keep younger looking appearance, improves athletic abilities, and provides protection against certain disease like flu, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer. Probably these are already enough reasons for men and women to take such compound. However, there’s another reason why adults should try this supplement – it increases libido.

At one time or another, many men and women may have experienced having lower levels of libido, and in some cases there are people who have trouble having a healthy sex life. The last mentioned instance can be the result of unavoidable mental and physical constraints like prostate surgery for males, and menopause for women. Other reasons that can cause dysfunctions may include stress, poor nutrition, low self image and low fat diet. Due to these many individuals are seeking help in order to revive their healthy libido.

The key to understanding the effects of the aforementioned compound on sex drive and other related matters lies in the understanding of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. In general, these hormones are found among men and women; they only differ in terms of the amount accumulated in the body. For women, estrogen plays a significant role in maintaining vaginal lining, breast shape and production of lubrication. On the other hand, testosterone are necessary for men to oversee their muscle formation and maintain a healthy intercourse appetite.

Accordingly, the decrease of estrogen among women, which often occur during menopause, is associated with a variety of health issues including decreased sex drive, dryness of vaginal lining and depression to name a few. When it comes to men, reduced levels of testosterone are pointed out as the primary reasons for erectile dysfunction, decreased drive for intercourse and lower self esteem. Notably, estrogen in men does not account for any health benefits for them, and the same thing goes with testosterone for women. However, it should also be taken into account that excessive amounts of estrogen among men can profoundly alter their testosterone production, which in turn could result to decreased strength, reduced muscle mass, fat build up, erectile dysfunction, and reduced drive for intercourse as well as heart disease and prostate cancer.

Probably by now you’re thinking, how does resveratrol help in addressing these reproductive health and intercourse related issues? Scientific researches have shown that this compound acts as an anti-estrogen, which lowers the estrogen level among men and can even suppress testosterone that have the tendency to turn into estrogen. This then results to more formation of muscles, less fat, positive state of mind, increased drive for intercourse, increased sperm count and of course, better chances of becoming a father. In addition, lab results have also shown that this microbial substance prevents the growth of cancer cells in the prostate.

In the case of women, decreased levels of estrogen can be especially tricky since this hormone is essential to their general reproductive health. Hence, taking such supplement may not produce the same health benefits experienced by men. However, for women who are already on their menopausal or post-menopausal stages, the intake of such substance can profoundly help in alleviating the symptoms of menopause, balance hormonal levels and can also prevent degenerative diseases such as breast cancer. Nevertheless, this substance is also showing promising effects on bone health, which in turn present the possibility of providing solutions for osteoporosis and the likes.

There are many reasons why you have to take resveratrol. It can help you maintain a healthy heart and blood level, achieve a sharper mind and have a younger appearance. Aside from these benefits however, this plant microbial substance gain its popularity due to its ability to increase sex drive especially among men. Considered as an anti-estrogen compound, this supplement suppresses estrogen production among male, which often contributes to erectile dysfunctions that may lead to decreased drive for intercourse.

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