Consider the words: “in love”. Even the terminology helps us visualize a kind of loss of the heart and soul. We are IN love, it is as if our heart, soul, mind, and body are IN the love, as if love has “taken” us over. But before we can be IN anything, in love, or even IN life, we first must BE. Until we ARE, until we have meaning internally, we will be seeking, at best, partial “in-love-ness”. It seems like we all want to be “in love”. But let’s look at what this means. We really want to just be distracted from awareness by being absorbed by love. If there were something, anything that could make us FEEL part of something larger than our ego, then that would be even greater that the ego “strokes” we get from being in love.

In order to achieve finding what is greater than our own ego, we would have to risk being particularly strong. We would need the courage to face up to whatever is greater than us. Most of us feel that love of another is required to make us “more than ourselves.” Some, very few individuals, seek to live unselfishly, having a love for all mankind. Though this may appear to be altruistic and honorable, it is too often like calling something “charity” when there are benefits, like tax deductions for the “charity”. Real altruism, like real charity, needs to be accomplished anonymously, or else there is a germ, a flaw, a corruption, because there is ego involved. Only that which is subliminal can be pure love, because that would be acting without ego.

Today there are all kinds of advice given to men to become an “ace” pick up artist. Women today compete similarly, and, at a certain age are known as “cougars”. There are and have been thousands or more volumes written about seduction, by men and women. But we all need to know that love may be only a PRACTICE DISTRACTION unless we have a PARTICULAR kind of hero/ heroine to love. Perhaps we have all, from time immemorial, just been PRACTICING being “in love”, and maybe instead of ever even HAVING sex, maybe we all allow sex to HAVE us! Maybe few if any of us have EVER really had a MEANINGFUL experience of love, thus we are always seeking something more to content us.

What we all need is a hero or heroine that can teach, model, demonstrate or prove ABSOLUTE love by them having SUCH a mission that they ARE their mission INSTEAD of, or IN PLACE of their own ego! This is kind of the love we had for our parents when we, as young children, looked up to them, saw them as magical beings whom we thought caused the sun to shine, and/or held up the very sky. We eventually become disillusioned, probably the first time we hear a negative response from Mom or Dad. But inside our hearts and mind and body and soul is that remnant, that atrophied HOPE that someone will come along to restore and nourish that hoped for absolute idea of love that was limited.

Perhaps what we are all looking for is a real hero or heroine, because Mom and Dad were only PRACTICING to be hero or heroine. This is understandable because our Mom and our Dad needed to find their hero or heroine that could show THEM that being on an egoless mission, living FOR a mission without ego, without any selfish agenda, CAN be accomplished. It has to start somewhere, and once it does, then a hero or heroine can start the “ball” rolling because they will they give us ALL the HOPE that ABSOLUTE love can be at least subliminally attained. An authentic hero or heroine would “attain” our love without awareness, because it would be a subliminal attainment. The hero or heroine would be, paradoxically, unknown to themself AS a hero, heroine and therefore truly DESERVING of our love.

Source by B. Todish

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