Ladies, if you’re in the habit of ingesting sperm, get out of the habit today. Experts in the field of immunological infertility have found evidence suggesting that women who swallow their partners’ sperm may form antibodies to the sperm. In a sense, swallowing the sperm is synonymous with being inoculated with it, and you could wind up giving yourself a sperm vaccine!

How is this possible?

When the sperm is introduced into the digestive tract, the immune system sees it as a foreign invader, forms antibodies to it, and kills it off. Later, when the same sperm shows up in the cervical canal, the immune system gets confused and attacks and kills the sperm on the spot, preventing conception.

The more sperm you swallow, the more antibodies you create, so a single episode of ingesting sperm will most likely not affect your fertility. In addition, since the antibodies are created in response to one specific partner’s sperm, past episodes of sperm swallowing with other partners should not cause your body to form antibodies to your current partner’s sperm.

Men often ingest their own sperm when they perform cunnilingus after intercourse with their female partners. In this case, past episodes of this with other partners can affect your fertility today. To avoid swallowing your own sperm, always wash your penis carefully after sex. When a male forms antibodies to his own sperm, the antibodies may even destroy the sperm before they leave his body.

Finally, women who have anal sex with their partners should avoid getting sperm inside their rectums, which can also cause their bodies to create sperm antibodies. Anal sex may cause the tissue inside the rectum to tear, allowing the sperm easy access into the bloodstream, triggering the immune system to create antibodies.

Bear in mind that this theory is still in the research phase and has not yet been absolutely proven! Nevertheless, if it’s true, it could be a powerful piece of preventive medicine for millions of couples.

Source by Jodi Ann Miller

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