Male enhancement is a highly lucrative market and there are thousands of products that claim to magically add size to the male genitalia with in a couple of days. Every time you see such an advertisement, you can;t help wondering if these pills really work.

Well, I am sure your gut feeling is that it is just an absurd claim. As a matter of fact, you are right. Pills by themselves do not have the capability to increase your penis size. All pills can do is improve blood circulation. Since blood circulation is crucial for getting hard erections, pills can be effective in overcoming problems like erectile dysfunction and impotence. After all every one of us knows what Viagra can do. However, Viagra is a synthetic drug and you can get far more safer and natural alternatives. Herbal pills are better than Viagra any day for two reasons. First of all, these are purely natural and do not have any side effects and secondly, they can also enhance your sex drive or libido which synthetic drugs are incapable of doing.

Penile Pills and Penis Enlargement

So far so good, these natural formulations can help you improve the firmness of erections and get over erectile dysfunction but what about enlarging penis size.

Well, if you combine exercises with such tablets you can effectively add size to your male genitalia in a safe and natural way. These exercises are called Jelqs and are ancient technique to increase penis length and girth. It is largely believed that these exercises were first started in Ancient Arab where young men used to perform them to gain penis length and girth and improve their ejaculatory control.

In 1970’s Dr. Brian Richards conducted a study to establish the efficacy of these exercises and found that 90% of the men who practiced Jelqs as a part of his study experienced penis growth after a few weeks. A typical jelq routine involves warm up, stretching exercises and performing jelqs which is later followed with a hot compress with a warm cloth or towel and a light massage. This is a fairly simple and easy schedule that does not require more than 15-20 minutes a day.

Though this is a fairly simple method, always make sure that you join an exercise program which is good in terms of clarity, content and effectiveness. Moreover, it should have a good support mechanism in place in case you come across some kind of a problem.

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