It is perfectly natural for you to desire a longer and thicker penis if you are not blessed with a large one and believe me you are not alone in your quest to achieve a larger penis. There are millions of men like you worldwide who want to gain extra penile size in the hope of being able to satisfy their women sexually. Though this desire to possess larger penises has existed since ancient times. male enhancement has become a growing trend these days with more and more men trying to increase their penile size with some method or the other.

Though various sort of products exist that include pumps, weights traction devices, exercise programs, pills and patches etc., it is just a select few products and techniques that are safe and effective. Penis enlargement exercises are the safest and the easiest method to help you get a larger member without the use of any expensive or bizarre device.

Penis Enlargement Exercises to Grow Your Penis Naturally

At the onset it is important to determine what men desire in terms of sexual performance:

  • First and foremost, most men tend to think that they can satisfy a woman sexually only if they are big enough and can reach the much fabled G-spot inside a woman’s vagina.
  • Secondly, all men desire a better ejaculatory control so that they can last longer in bed and achieve intense orgasms.
  • Thirdly, a large number of men suffer from some sort of erectile dysfunction and yearn for firmer and harder erections.

Moreover, greater sexual stamina and a higher volume of semen production are also highly desirable.

Jelqs can help you add inches to your male shaft and if you combine jelqs with natural pills you can further improve your sexual p[performance by overcoming problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.


Jelqs are an ancient technique that have been in practice since ancient times. It is largely believed that young men in Ancient Arab used to perform them not only to increase their penile size but also to gain better staying power. It was only recently that the efficacy of Jelqs was proven through a clinical study. When you perform Jelqs regularly you the erectile tissue grows through Tissue Expansion which happens to be the same phenomenon used by some tribal women to enlarge their necks. This growth in tissue enables it to hold a larger quantity of blood which implies larger and thicker erections.

Typically a jelq routine involves warm up, stretching and performing jelqs which is later followed with a light massage.

Natural Pills

Natural pills that are formulated with the extracts of herbs like ginseng, ginkgo, muira pauma etc., help increase blood circulation to the genitals and fills all the spaces in the erectile tissue with blood ensuring firmer and longer lasting erections. The advantage of natural pills is that they do not have any adverse side effects and when they are used along with jelqs they can speed up the process of male enhancement, helping you attain noticeable gains within a relatively shorter period of time.

Some high quality pills come with free access to highly specialized and demonstrative jelq routines to help you achieve complete sexual enhancement.

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