The most common forms of male enhancement that you hear of either involve pills or pumps, and even sometimes patches. Unfortunately, all these methods work very poorly if at all. Pills are pretty useless and rely heavily on the placebo effect. Pumps aren’t that effective and way too dangerous to mess with anyway, and patches are similar to pills – all hype but zero positive effect.

So how does one accomplish penis enlargement without pumps, patches or pills? Simply using a very old technique in which you only use your hands. This technique referred to as jelqing has been around a very long time. Used by tribes as part of ritual, young men would elongate their penises by performing jelqing exercises.

Now days however, these penis exercises have been updated, and men from any age can reap the benefits of larger size, not only in length, but girth as well. And while jelqing took longer back in tribal times, now the time has been lessened greatly and only involves 10-20 minutes a day.

So if this form of penis enlargement without pumps, patches or pills is so effective, why don’t you hear about as often as you do the other methods?

Well, basically because it involves work! It is not a quick fix where you just pop a pill or pump a pump, you have to do the work yourself. Plus, penis enlargement without pumps, patches or pills, well there’s really nothing for people to sell. You should eventually buy a jelqing manual if you want to get the best results possible, but other than that it’s up to you to do the work and get the size, and you won’t have to refill useless pills every month!

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