It is commonly observed that most men seem to be concerned about their penile length and take girth for granted, missing the vital point that penile girth is of great importance when it concerns satisfying a woman sexually. Though it does not mean that length is not important, good penile thickness is what a large number of women desire their men to possess. This is something that can enhance their sexual pleasure leaps and bounds and drive them totally wild during the sexual act.

If you research properly on the importance of penile thickness you will inevitably end up with the conclusion that it is the key to a woman’s pleasure. This is because a thicker penis is likely to hit deeper nerves in her vagina and take her sexual pleasure to a new high.

There have been a couple of studies and surveys regarding this which reveal that a staggering 90% of the women think that penile thickness is more significant than length. Though the average penile width is about 5-5.2 inches, you can easily add a couple of inches to it through natural exercises. These exercises are called Jelqs and have been performed by men of various cultures and races around the globe for centuries to enhance penile length and thickness. Moreover, there are certain exercises that are aimed at directly increasing penile thickness.

Jelqs aim to enlarge your penile size through the natural process of tissue expansion. Regular stretching and squeezing of the erectile tissue leads to penile growth through the division and multiplication of cells. This increase the size of the erectile tissue and it is able to hold more blood during erections paving way for more thicker and fuller erections.

A further improvement of these exercises is achieved by using natural or herbal pills along with them to enhance blood flow to the penile region so very vital for firm and hard erections. Some good packages that aim to achieve longer and thicker penises include these two male enhancement resources as their basic elements.

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