Male enhancement has become far more advanced as compared to the time when the only options available to men for increasing the penis size were weights, vacuum pumps and surgery. Traction devices and exercises are both highly effective methods that aim to increase your penis in length and girth naturally without causing any damage to your penile health. Moreover, they help you strengthen your ejaculatory control and improve firmness of erections.

Exercises for penis enlargement or Jelqs are as a matter of fact an ancient practice and their role in penile enhancement was documented by Dr. Brian Richards in the 1970’s who concluded that 90% of the participants in his study experienced penile growth after performing jelqs for a few months. However, the extent of growth varied from man to man.

Jelqs resemble the ,milking motion and a typical jelq routine involves warming up, performing exercises, hot massage etc., and the technique is bound to work if you follow the routine as required.

Traction devices or extenders are a step ahead since all you need to do is just wear the extender and it starts performing power jelqs on your sexual organ by exerting pressure through traction. The technique is the same as that of jelqs except that the extender replaces your hand. A large number of men prefer extender since it is easy to use. However, you need to be cautious while buying one since a cheap, substandard or homemade extender can cause penile injury and disfigurement which could be irreversible. It is always better to choose an extender that is CE certified and approved by doctors. Moreover, it should be accompanied with a money back guarantee.

Though extenders are effective, the most popular method remains exercise programs since they are far cheaper and easier to perform. Moreover, this is the safest method of penile enlargement as there is almost no room for injury.. Most of the good jelq routines come free with male enhancement pills. This combination of natural pills and jelqs works dramatically and not only provides you with size increment but also improves your staying power and enhances semen production. Natural pills are typically a blend of herbal and plant extracts like ginseng, ginkgo, muira pauma etc., some of which have been used as aphrodisiacs for hundreds of years to boost blood flow to the genitals improve the firmness of erections. These herbs are also known to enhance libido and sex drive in men, thereby paving way for complete sexual enhancement.

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