Due to the fact that millions of individuals suffer with hemorrhoids there is great interest in remedies for piles. As many find the whole subject quite embarrassing, many seek remedies they can perform in the privacy of their own home.

This article will take a look at important measures sufferers can take at home including diet, over the counter creams, and natural, herbal, remedies. Finally we discuss the matter of surgery and when it is recommended.

A High Fibre Diet

A key to managing hemorrhoids is avoiding constipation and hard stools which increase the pain and bleeding with bowel movements. How can this be achieved? By means of a high fibre diet. 30-35 grams of high fibre is recommended as a daily intake.

Obviously this requires self-discipline and the establishing of a regimen where high fibre foods are a natural part of one’s daily diet. With the grand variety of high fibre foods available though, this should not present such a huge challenge.

Here are some suggestions:

beans | blackberries, | brown rice | chickpeas | dried figs | fruits | kidney beans | lentils | oat bran cereals | pears | pinto beans | prunes | raspberries | vegetables | whole grains

Over The Counter Creams

While the idea of just walking into a pharmacy to get a cream which you can apply at home sounds like an easy remedy for painful piles, the reality is many of these creams don’t seem to work very well. However, one or two do seem to produce results with many patients. They are:

Zinc Oxide Cream | Calmoseptine Ointment | Hydrocortisone Cream (hydrocortisone 1%/pramoxine hydrochloride 1%)

These creams can help relieve distressed skin and stop itching.

The Natural Approach

The herb Aloe Ferox is a gentle remedy for constipation and acts as a natural stool softener. Dandelion can have a positive effect on the liver and digestive system.

Passiflora Incarnata provides relief from piles and eases muscle tension in the bowels. Other names it is know by are Maypop, Wild Apricot, Wild Passion Vine, Purple Passionflower and True Passionflower. It belongs to a herbal group known as Carminitives. They contain quite volatile oils which help in the expulsion of gas from the intestinal tract.

If you want to do further research on natural herbal remedies for piles and see where you can obtain them just do a search on Google using the words “herbs for hemorrhoids” (be sure to include the quotes before and after).

When Is Surgery Recommended?

It has to be said that the surgical solution is being used less and less in recent times. If a person experiences considerable bleeding with bowel movements then it is probably best to go to a physician and have an internal examination.

Some procedures can be carried out in the doctor’s office. Rubber-Band Ligation is one procedure that seems to work well with many patients. A band is placed at the base of the hemorrhoid to stop the blood supply which causes the hemorrhoid to shrivel and disappear. It can take between 2 and 7 days.

This procedure has a 60 and 80 percent success rate. Once the hemorrhoid has shrivelled up it will be naturally eliminated during bowel movements.

If procedures like Rubber-Band Ligation fail, then surgery may be the next option, although this can be rare. It may be necessary if there are health issues of a serious nature such as acutely thrombosed external hemorrhoids, or chronic hemorrhoid conditions that do not respond to anything else.

This situation is rare and most times patients respond to conservative remedies for hemorrhoids.

From the above you can now decide which choice to make if you are a hemorrhoid sufferer. As we can see, it is not necessary to continue suffering! There are practical steps that can be taken to minimize the pain and discomfort and eliminate piles altogether.

Probably the first step to take is increase daily fibre. You may want to try one of the creams recommended above from your local pharmacy. Alternatively, you may prefer a holistic approach and use one of the natural herbal remedies.

There are many remedies for piles but as with all things health related, every person is an individual and can respond differently to various treatments so a period of experimentation is often needed before the ideal is found.

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