In addition to the question of penis size, many are surprised to hear that many men wonder whether or not women prefer men that ejaculate more. As it turns out, it is a culmination of several criteria that a woman either consciously or subconsciously utilizes to judge a man’s sexual prowess and whether they outright know it or not, women do take the amount of ejaculate that a man produces into consideration.

Beauty and sex appeal standards are not as skin-deep as we may think. At least, in regards to the beholder. As it turns out, men and women get their opinion of beauty and virility from their genes as much as their eyes and self-made opinions. Humans are programmed to view certain criteria of the opposite sex as important indicators to their worth as a mate. Since larger amounts of ejaculate almost always translates into more sperm, it is a logical theory that most women prefer men who expel more ejaculate on an evolutionary, breeding level. Just like between the choices of a large penis, a hairy chest, or a loud, booming voice, women view the amount of ejaculate as a factor in determining the breeding worth of a male.

On the surface, many women report that ejaculate is “messy” or “gross.” However, their subconscious tells them that it is completely different. On the evolutionary, instinctual level, women are actually attracted to larger amounts of ejaculate simply because their primal mating instincts have made it clear that it is necessary to bear children.

Most men do not know whether they are capable of increasing the amount of ejaculate that they produce, but it is possible. All-natural and completely safe herbs such as Reishi Mushrooms and Musli have enabled men for thousands of years to increase their ejaculate amounts as well as their sexual performance.

There are also products available over-the-counter and by order that contain almost all elements known to man that elevate sperm counts and boost erection size and strength. VolumePills has become known worldwide to increase sperm counts up to 500% and sometimes even more, enabling its users to abandon the average and reach the top.

Source by Cameron Pascoal

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