Estrogens cause men as much problems as estrogen dominance causes in women.

There are nearly 50 types of chemicals that we are exposed to that exert an evil estrogen like effect on the body. For example, plastics (bottled water micro-waved or frozen is worse), pesticides, and cosmetics mimic dangerous forms of estrogens increasing the 16-alpha-Hydroxyestrone and 4-Hydroxyestrone.

Problems such as weight gain, hair loss, and prostate enlargement are magnified, unless you know how to leach out or detoxify these ‘bad’ estrogens and restore the ‘good’ estrogens (2-Hydroxyestrone) along with the balance of testosterone. We use supplements with derivatives of cruciferous vegetables or flax. Japanese soy is processed differently with more beneficial effects than soy in the USA. Look for creams containing Chrysin, and Dim-Diindolylmethane to clear bad estrogens.

>Some drugs reduce estrogen production and some drugs reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen analogs.

Many of the drugs developed to decrease estrogen in women, are being used by some bodybuilders, to cut estrogen levels and therefore, fat. The most popular today is Arimidex. Arimidex is expensive and powerful, but can be divided into smaller dosages there by making it more affordable and reducing, somewhat, any possible side effects, when used long term. Most men who use this drug will suddenly notice the normal hair in the middle of their upper backs stops growing. That is because this is an estrogen sensitive area.

This is genetically coded and modulated by hormones. Some anti-aging, doctors including Paul Savage MD of Chicago, believe that hair growth on the head can be improved by reducing the bad type of estrogens, while restoring testosterone and growth hormone. Suppression of testosterone or DHT to reduce hair loss and control prostate enlargement has not been nearly as effective as the proper control and balance of estrogens and testosterone. Many knowledgeable doctors are using a shampoo to control scalp DHT, without suppressing total body DHT, realizing that man needs some DHT to be healthy, function sexually and virile.

Thierry Hertoghe MD of Belgium, also found that testosterone, along with ACTH hormone, could restore hair growth, along with proper administration of thyroid, cortisol and DHEA. Synthetic steroids are a powerful drug category, with many important medical uses, however, even the “cleanest” of the synthetically- derived testosterone androgens, such as nandrolone (also know in trade as “Deca”), can leave unnatural metabolites in the blood, some that have estrogen or progestin-like effects. With these particular metabolites, Arimidex may not do the job. They are actually better metabolized with DIM-(Diindolylmethane), found in our Lean N Fit and our Estroblock. A dosage of 300 to 600 mg a day (4 to 6 capsules combined) can be quite effective after two to four weeks, in fighting the estrogen-like rebound effects of synthetic steroids.

The number one reason why women can benefit from the addition of natural testosterone, is to enhance sexual function and energy. Dr. Eugene Shippen believes that if a woman is to receive proper bioidentical hormone replacement, the regime must include androgen replacement (in most cases). We have had literally thousands of women around the world use our Strength Energy cream with excellent results, because it restores androgens like testosterone, DHEA and pregnenolone.

In several studies, women with fatigue, low libido, feelings of low esteem or poor body image, bone loss, and PMS, can use low-dose testosterone gel or Strength Energy cream with excellent results. In general, low doses over a 1-2-year period, has helped many postmenopausal women recover or increase sexual drive, increase their frequency of sexual thoughts, satisfaction, energy and reports of

“general pleasure and zest” with life. Of course, too much testosterone can cause more overt side effects

for women. Women with low testosterone will really respond better to transdermal creams, or our Strength Energy cream that

contains beneficial androgens. Some women will need estrogen and progesterone therapy, especially if they have been on synthetic birth

control pills which elevate estrone without giving them the healthy benefits of natural estradiol, progesterone and testosterone. Estroblock will help those who have been on birth control pills to regain better body shape and health.

Source by Nick Delgado PhD.

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