The number of men reporting problems regarding their penile erection and sexual performance is on the rise. Through the years, the problem of premature ejaculation has been dreaded. Men would always be in a state of denial, and their partners would always yearn for more. In modern societies, issues and concerns involving sexual intercourse is fast becoming common and public discussion is becoming more acceptable.

Chinese medicine, being known for its natural ingredients and traditional means of production, has come out with a potent and proven effective treatment for premature ejaculation. Introducing the Chinese Brush Oil. Also known in the name of Suifan’s Kwang Tze, the oil is more of a solution because it is made up of several Chinese herbs that are known to help prolong sensations.

As premature ejaculation remedy, Chinese Brush Oil is applied to the penis before or during actual intercourse. Because of its greasy feel almost like oil, the sensation brought about by the product is in itself already a stimulant for a better sexual performance. Looking closely at the chemical and natural composition of the solution, it has extracts that help lower sensitivity in the penis, a factor that is known and identified to greatly contribute to faster and very immediate male orgasm. Thus, after applying the product, it would be noticeable that the performance is prolonged, which would be most welcome to the partner.

The formulation of Chinese Brush Oil has been proven working and very much effective because it is already in use in several other Asian products available to consumers in the past years. The product is known to help prolong penile erections and boost sexual vitality to come up with a very stimulating and vibrant sexual activity.

In the current setting, it is being compared to the popular sildenafil drugs that are known to help induce and prolong penile erection. However, different from the current penile performance enhancement drugs, this Chinese medicine is more advantageous and safe. First of all, Chinese Brush oil is made of the most natural and organic ingredients with its herbal extract composition. The treatment can be taken and used by just about anyone, without restrictions to those with severe case of hypertension and heart ailments, which sildenafil is cautiously prescribed against.

Because of its all organic composition, Chinese Brush Oil invokes no possible side effects. Thus, users would be assured that no adverse changes to body functions and no body reactions would result from using and taking the product. The very pure herbal essences and nutrients present in the product just helps lead to further harder and noticeably longer erection, to the delight of both men and women.

Springherb is a Chinese medicine specialist that exclusively distributes Chinese Brush Oil across the United Kingdom. Through buying from the company, you would be entitled to free shipment anywhere you are in the country. There is also an attractive promotional scheme that would facilitate discount purchases. Each unit of the product costs £7.50, but if you would buy at least 4 at the same time, you would be entitled to one additional unit for free. That will surely translate to a substantial amount of savings.

Log in to Springherb’s official Website at and find out how you could make an online purchase of Chinese Brush Oil. Within the Webpage, there is a virtual shopping cart that would provide you further convenience as you stroll within the site and shop for many other Chinese herbal medicine products. Online transactions are powered by PayPal and Pretax, making the online deals secured and fraud-risk free.

You can also visit Springherb’s main store at 40 Stodman Street along Newark in Nottinghamshire. The telephone hotline is 01636-706892. The store opens at 9:30 in the morning, Monday to Saturday, and closes at 5:50 in the afternoon. On top of Chinese Brush Oil and other products, Springherb has also been known across the market as a company that provides acupuncture and massaging products and services.

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