VIP Cream is not only a male enhancement product but it is also sold to women to help benefit their sexual lives as well. It represents a set of different functions and benefits for women than it does for men. For women, they should expect their sex life to be rejuvenated, but it can also help women control and handle their situations with PMS. In men, it can revive their sex life and make them more sexual, build up their stamina, help with erectile dysfunction, and overall increase sexual pleasure. In both men and women, this product can help scar tissue to heal, which is quite the different benefit from any other sexual enhancement supplement.

There is a large ingredient list associated with VIP Cream. This is because the cream itself needs certain ingredients and because there is a set of sexually based ingredients. Some of the stand out sexual ingredients is L-Arginine and Ginkgo Biloba. Most of the other ingredients involved aren’t necessarily proven to be very potent or effective in male enhancement as of yet. This product comes free of side effects and you can also buy it without the approval from a doctor. Using natural ingredients is the key to not causing men or women harsh side effects or other health complications. This also makes it safer to use if you suffer from a health problem that needs prescription medication taken with it.

Most creams work just the same as many pill-form male enhancement solutions. They promote blood flow to the penis and throughout the body. This blood flow is what promotes a healthier sex drive, an increase in stamina, and control over erections. This product can also be used as a sexual lubricant because it is a topical cream. Some product claims that consumers will have trouble full trusting until they take the product are that it can increase the size of the penis, and it can even straighten the penis if it is crooked. In women, the warming sensation associated with taking this product will make their vaginas more sensitive during intercourse.

Many consumers have basic complaints with topical products. Often, these products can rub off during intercourse. Despite VIP Cream being safe for intercourse, it does not list that it will stay on during the entire time of sex. Another complication is when it comes to oral sex, will this product negatively affect these situations. Despite these small difficulties, VIP Cream believes that by attacking erectile dysfunction directly at the source that it can be more beneficial than pills.

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