Many people have asked “What is Organo Gold?” The purpose of this Organo Gold Coffee Review is to give you an overview of the product, the company, the leadership and what it takes to become successful in this explosive industry of coffee.

The simple answer is that Organo Gold is a multi-level marketing company that currently specializes in the wonderful Organo Gold Coffee that features Ganoderma, which has long been recognized for its healing properties.

The Ganoderma has a detox effect on the consumers’ bodies. Other users report that the coffee helps them sleep better and have more energy throughout the day. Still, others report weight loss while drinking the coffee. The Chinese have long recognized the ability of the Ganoderma mushroom to stop viruses and bad bacteria. For most people, however, they drink the coffee because of its wonderful taste. Just ask anyone who has ever tried it for their Organo Gold Coffee Review.

What is Organo Gold? It is a way to make money. Many people have found it as a new source of income in these tough economic times. After all, coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, next to water. It is also the second most traded commodity next to oil.

The company operates under the leadership of Bernardo Chua, who is not only inspirational, but a legend in direct marketing. The company was co-founded by Shane Morand, who was born to be a mentor. The manufacturer of all products is carefully overseen by the medical director, Dr. Irma Prado.

The bottom line is when asked for a Organo Gold Coffee Review the response is that Organo Gold Coffee tastes great and is marketed by a top-notch company. While the coffee is superb, Organo Gold has expanded into many other products. The best-loved products are the gourmet black coffee, the gourmet latte, the gourmet mocha, the organic green tea, the hot chocolate, and the brand new King of Coffee.

So regardless of what your drink of choice is, it is easy to get the benefits of this company, and easy to get customers enthused about this company. As people experienced the great benefits of Organo Gold Coffee, they realized that the so-called Organo Gold scam was not a scam. As the company grew, so did the product line with Ganoderma Lucidum, lucidum mycelium, grape seed oil extract and spore powder, all in pill form.

The compensation plan for Organo Gold is very easy to understand. First, the dealer earns money on their sales. Secondly, the dealer will earn money from anyone they sell a builder pack to. Thirdly, the dealer will be compensated for all sales that the buyer of the builder pack makes.

There is definitely not a Organo Gold scam going on. Real money can be made from the great products offered by this company, as long as a person is willing to work at it. What most distributors fail to realize is that even though the company has a great product with top-notch leadership, learning how to market is crucial in this industry.

It is not enough to make a list of friends and family unless you have a massive network already in place. Most distributors do not. So what can you do if you are interested in succeeding in this business? Basically, you must have a marketing system in place that will give you a consistent flow of targeted leads as well as convert the leads into sales.

You must also learn the principles of marketing and what makes a person want to give you their money for your product or service. Having the right tools will do you no good if you don’t understand the principles. There are many great programs out there that will teach you these very things. Before you invest your time and money into this opportunity, do your due diligence and find a marketing system with a proven track record that you can commit to learn from and implement.

Source by Valentino Crawford Jr

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