I had been searching for something to help me with energy and libido, the want and desire for sex. I am not that old at 37 but with work and stress, I let my girlfriend down when it comes to making love. And that is soul destroying because when we first got together it was great but I let it slide.

My problem is getting started, but when I have its always great. Yeah, sometimes I don’t go the full nine yards which is something else I wanted to sort out. We used to make love 3 to 4 times a week on average.

Now once a month well that’s until I got up and sorted myself out. Now the usual things sprung to mind, Viagra etc. But that wasn’t me, for starters, it has side effects and its expensive.

There are other things like sexual therapy and counselling but I knew I could perform I just felt fatigued and tired, just needed a boost. I knew there were lots of natural remedies such as maca, caffeine etc. I wanted something that addressed stamina, libido and erection quality.

Soi got to researching online, wading through the countless rubbish and Chinese crap I found a few, like a hand full of supplements that kept on popping up. Each of them had natural ingredients and some good solid feedback.

One website I tend to use for honest info and the guy who writes the blog actually try this stuff out (there are videos and pictures of him doing so on the blog) is the website I list below.

Now he has three male enhancement supplements as their called that the rates, and I’ve brought one his No1, that’s Max Performer sounds cheesy I know but it works. I just take a couple a day with my other vitamins and that’s it.

It just means I feel more lively and horny which my partner loves, its like when we first met, but we are three years in so its good. The other thing is the increase in my erection strength and how long I can keep it.

I know it has several ingredients that boost blood flow so that’s got to be it, that website I was talking about also has a category of ingredients used in supplements with what they do.

So it’s a great resource if you are just looking into your options, anyway, I hope you find my article useful and maybe try a natural supplement in the future to help your sex life.

Warm regards

Source by Timothy David Smith

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