As more men have realized nowadays it is better to give a woman what she needs than to convince her to accept something else. What am I talking about? I am referring to your penis size. You know penis size matters a lot and you should definitely increase your penis length and girth if you have a small or an average sized penis to prevent your lover from looking elsewhere.

One simple option of increasing your penis size is with the use of penis growth pills, which are usually made from herbs and plant extracts. One reason why men tend to prefer using penis growth pills to other options of penis enhancement is the ease of just taking a pill and waiting for results. Unlike other methods that take time from your schedule, you just need to swallow a herbal penis enlargement pill and that’s all.

Although penis growth pills stimulate blood flow to the genitals and assist in penis growth, one thing to note is that the moment you stop using them there is the possibility of you penis reducing in size due to the decreased blood flow to your penis. There are a number of herbal penis enlargement pills in the market that claim to increase your penis without you having to engage in penis exercises. Notwithstanding engaging in a penis enlargement exercise program when taking a herbal penis enlargement pill is the only way to ensure that your gains remain permanent and do not shrink back when you stop using the pills.

You might be wondering why exactly you have to engage in penile exercises when you are already using a product that would enlarge your penis. The main reason is that exercises manually stretch and expand your penile tissues, which later re-grow to large sizes. After each workout session you would notice that your penis is slightly bigger, this would tell you that such exercises are actually working. With exercises you do not get anxious to see results because you feel your penis getting bigger. Using penis exercises alone might take you time to achieve an extra penis length of 2 – 3 inches but when used in combination with penis growth pills the results are faster. The two compliment each other and it is advisable you use both a herbal penis enlargement pills and engage in a penis exercise program when seeking to increase your penile size.

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