What do you suppose is the inexpensive and easiest way to cure your anxiety and panic attack problems? Medication and therapy has its own place. We see value in that. Anti-anxiety pills can be an immediate but temporary solution especially if you are in a difficult period in your life. Therapy can be a trial and error option. It takes time and money to find a competent therapist that you personally “click” with. If not, then there are no refunds.

What anxiety and panic attack sufferer really want is, to put an end to the problem. You do not just want to manage or cope with it. You want to stop being afraid of fear. Stop the cruel cycle that the looming power of fear have over you. You want to get tangible results.

But truth of the matter is…

Solutions to panic disorder that have been plaguing us for years don’t come from scholarly studies in big universities with expensive grants.

Big breakthroughs come from people who personally deal with the problem itself. They miraculously found a solution or discovered an effective approach to cure anxiety and panic disorder. This people scratch their own itch. And do so successfully.

You want positive results.You will not settle for anything less. And you can begin by applying simple inexpensive techniques to activate your inner healing process. You can start by doing these series of methods.

And wouldn’t it be great to save money and at the same time effectively learn how to stop a panic attack by…

1. Relaxing your mind and body is one way to reduce stress. Stress as we know it, is the culprit of an array of debilitating diseases in the human race today. Effective management of stress eliminates anxiety and panic attacks that leads to a happy and fulfilling existence.

One way to get rid of stress is taking long hot baths. Neroli, Rosewood and Sandalwood bath oils are herbal extracts meant to be diluted with warm bathtub full of water. These oils are known for the soothing and calming effect on your body. It will help draw out the tension that your body accumulated throughout a stressful day. The wonderful scents can ease a worried mind and frazzled nerves. It can lift your spirits. Light a few scented candles, scatter a few rose petals and listen to a calming music. And your day is complete.

2. Replace distorted thinking and challenge it. Here are a few examples:

a. All or nothing thinking-you are either brilliant or dumb, sinner or saint, black or white. Where you’re coming from, there are no gray areas,-no middle ground.

b. Mind reading-you are predicting what’s on people mind instead of vocally asking them. Ex. “She thinks I’m a loser’ “He thinks I’m cheap.”

c. Crystal ball gazing- you act as a prophet who can see into the future.”I can’t seem to get a hold of things. I can’t have a relationship. I’m going to be single the rest of my life!”

d. Catastrophsing- you always worry about the worst case scenario. When you feel chest pains you immediately fret you are going to have a heart attack.

3. Do you like the idea of someone who looks like your neighbor Mr. Fu sticking needles on certain areas of your body to discharge stress and refill it with fresh energy? Good. Then the old Chinese healing technique called acupuncture is for you.

4. Drink water. Stay hydrated. Drink the required eight or more glasses of water everyday. Minor headaches, upset stomach, nervousness and a host of other minor ailments can be alleviated by simply drinking water.

5. Drink chamomile, catnip and fennel teas. These teas have L-theanine which is a great anti-anxiety alternative. And also an excellent natural sleeping aid.

6. Stay on top of things. Cut out unnecessary stress. For example, If you are bombarded with things around your house that need repair– list them down on a piece of paper ( example: broken window, leaky faucet, doors falling off the hinges etc.) And tackle each item on your list every weekend. The sense of accomplishment when you get to the bottom of your list is re-assuring.

7. Yoga. Zumba. Boxing. Running. Indulge in invigorating physical activities. These activities will get your “happy hormones”( endorphins and dopamine) going. After work out you will feel your moods uplifted. You will feel in control. Regular exercise can make your body’s response to stress, strong. When done routinely, sweating it out can increase self-esteem and boosts self-confidence.

Learning how to stop a panic attack without medication is a choice and a personal prerogative of every person who has this condition. When you get to the point where panic attacks are no longer the main cause of anxiety and fear you will then feel panic attacks cease to happen.

Source by Jovita Orais

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