Nowadays lots of people are affected by anxiety attacks and many of them are taking up a cure in order to treat themselves. Usually cures involve pills and medications, but extreme caution is needed when taking them because in most of the cases the patient is not enough informed about their side effects.

A doctor will suggest, in almost one hundred percent of the cases, a treatment based on anti-anxiety pills. Nor the doctor, neither the pharmacist considers it necessary to inform you about the nasty side effects that can occur during the cure. It`s true that these side effects don`t affect all the patients, but they are worryingly frequent. You can find yourself suffering of something else after getting rid of anxiety and you are also very probable of having a comeback after ending the cure.

If you don`t want to take the risk of ingesting pills, you will be willing to try an alternative method of treatment with no side effects at all: The One Move Technique.

In order to put it in practice you first need to know why anxiety attacks happen. When in a tensed situation, a gland in your brain is transmitting a signal to another gland, called the adrenal gland, to secrete the hormone known as adrenaline. This substance is responsible for panic and anxiety. What the One Move Technique does is to focus on stopping the adrenalin to be produced. If there is no adrenalin in your body, no feeling of fear can appear.

Find out more about this technique in order to stop your anxiety attacks and don`t hesitate to put it in practice. Also involve yourself in relaxing activities such as sports or yoga. This together with the One Move Technique will certainly help you cure of anxiety.

Source by Bob Tyler

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