Natural treatments are known to be safe and for ejaculation there are also herbs recommended for its treatment. These herbs for premature ejaculation may come in the form of either topical or oral treatments. These herbs do not have serious side effects as such they are perfectly safe for use.

Research conducted by Tehran University of Medical Science found out that lack of magnesium in men is one cause of premature ejaculation. So herbs that contain this trace element will definitely help in treating premature ejaculation.

Herbs for premature ejaculation are those that contain 5-HTP, which is a type of amino acid. One of these herbs known to help in preventing ejaculation is an appetite curbing plant called hoodia. This herb will help in making you prolong your sexual activity with your partner.

Another component found in herbs are serotonin, an increase of the chemical component serotonin will help the brain in controlling the sensations you feel during sex. With herbs containing serotonin in your diet, you are sure to perform a little longer in your lovemaking with your partner.

Other herbs for premature ejaculation are those extracts from peppermint. This natural peppermint oil works by desensitizing the penis thus the sensations that you will feel during sex with your partner is controlled which results to a longer staying power.

Then there is also the herb known as kava-kava which works just like peppermint oil. This natural treatment comes in oral form and will also desensitize the penis. Use one before sex and you will feel your body relax and ready for the sexual performance.

A premature ejaculation pill containing all the natural ingredients is available out there and is called Delay. With this pill you will be able to get all the beneficial goodness of the said herbs without the unnecessary side effects compared for when you get pills that are found in local stores.

Source by Michael Robbinson

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