Most mistakes men make is due to their beliefs, attitude and habits. Therefor it’s makes more sense to look at the mindset that causes these mistakes, instead of trying to fix every technical mistake made. Also to you as reader, I request that you’re honest with yourself to see if you recognise any part of you in the following description. When you find out what the reasons are behind your mistakes you’ll be able to put out the weed by it’s roots.

Some men study everything there is about sex and the female body. The reason why he wants to ‘figure it all out’, is because after an embarrassing experience he has set out to become an expert at sex in order not to be confronted with feelings of inadequacy again. The problem is that he sees sex to much as an performance, where he needs to meet a certain criteria in order to be qualified to have sex.

They read all kinds of books on sexual techniques and they look up information on the internet until deep in the night. But he never seems to know enough, always craving more and more information while avoiding the real problem.

They see sex as something technical. They can tell you exactly at which angle to penetrate a woman and what the best positions are. They also tend to freely share their knowledge like a guru to their friends or on a forum. Even though he possesses so much knowledge, his girlfriend is unsatisfied because he is not really with her, nor is he a dominant men that psychologically stimulates here to get excited.

Source by Vince Valentino

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