Anxiety left to run wild can often times result in what is known as a panic attack. During an attack, you may feel short of breath, choking sensation, heart palpitations, sweating, fear of death, and chills just to name a few symptoms. The entire experience can be quite devastating to say the least. Common treatment for this kind of problem includes the use of drugs and therapy, however many people would rather have natural anxiety relief. Natural anxiety relief is any treatment plan that does not include harsh chemicals and drugs, only natural remedies.

Anxiety increases when you are under stress, that fact is a no brainer. Therefore, to decrease panic attacks and find natural anxiety relief you need to learn to relax. Meditating for instance is a great stress reliever as is a long soak in a tub full of bubbles. However these natural anxiety relief methods are only going to last so long, when you get back into the hustle and bustle of life stress will begin to build all over again.

To keep stress at bay for longer periods of time you might want to look at your lifestyle. Eliminate excess stressors in your life such as flagrant spending if money is a stress point or lose the negative friends if drama and fighting are a constant part of your life. Sometimes simply beginning an aerobic exercise routine three times a week will completely dispel anxiety or panic attacks and is a great form of natural anxiety relief.

Your diet could be playing a huge role in your anxiety. It has been proven that vitamin and mineral deficiencies can vastly affect mood and temperament. Watch what you eat and add a good multivitamin supplement to your daily diet, you may be amazed at how well this natural anxiety relief works.

The causes of anxiety can vary significantly from one person to the next. The causes can be environmental, chemical or linked to past trauma. For some people the initial cause of their panic attack may never be known, but they still may want or need natural anxiety relief.

Coping skills are a very beneficial method of relief. Just knowing that you have the strength and ability to cope with an attack if it should occur, alleviates a lot of anxiety. In order to cope with an attack many people find deep breathing and focusing exercises help the most.

Other coping mechanisms include counting slowly and talking to yourself internally. You can tell yourself things like, “this will soon pass,” and “no one ever died from a panic attack”. These statements will put the panic attack into perspective and keep the fear from overwhelming you while giving you the natural anxiety relief you need.

Natural anxiety relief ranges from herbs and supplements to breathing and other coping mechanisms. The thing to remember is that you can deal with and overcome panic attacks or anxiety disorders naturally with the right information. Natural anxiety relief is available to anyone at anytime and you will never have to worry about dependence to a narcotic in order to have relief from stress or panic attacks.

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