Kaboom action strips, made popular by the famous television show “Entourage” have been the latest discovery in male enhancement supplementation. However, these are not your typical pills, in fact they are strips that are placed on the tongue up to one hour before sexual activity. The are made to dissolve quickly and easily, and do not leave any nasty residue behind. They are now sold on Amazon.com, and the prices vary from anywhere between $18 – $36, depending on the size you order. It is also available for sale on eBay, at substantially reduced rates.

It appears their main website is now under construction, so finding detailed information about this product was a little hard to come by. We learned from various sources that Kaboom Action Strips do contain L-Arginine and Ginseng, both of which can be found in more popular pills. However, note that it does not contain Yohimbe, which many men have found useful in a fast acting and effective product.

What is great about this product is its portability. The package is no bigger than a money clip type wallet, and can easily fit into jeans or a jacket pocket. This may prove efficient for men that don’t want to be seen carrying pills around. This supplement also apparently comes in many flavors, making it easy to consume.

There are not many of these quick dissolving strips on the market, so it seems for now that Kaboom Action Strips will be one of the only ones available for quite sometime.

Read results from actual users of Kaboom Action Strips here.

Source by Robert Vrabel

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