Let me start off right away and tell you, Male Enhancement Pills do not, and I repeat, do not make your penile area grow. The only thing that it does is give you a harder erection. That is not growth, that is the size you already are, the pills just made it full out. They do not make you gain inches to your penile area. Plus they are loaded with side effects. You do not want any of those. I am going to show you How To Naturally Increase Your Penis Size with just your hands.

This is an effective method on How To Naturally Increase Your Penis Size and you can gain 4 inches. Here are some moves you can perform to really skyrocket your gains.

This is called The Power Stretch. Do this by standing up, not sitting down. Hold The head, and stretch out your penis away from your body. 10 seconds is enough time in this Stretched position. After 10 seconds, Squeeze your PC muscle tightly (The Muscle You use to stop Urinating) for 5 more seconds while still holding the stretched position. Do the stretch in all other directions (up, down, left, right) before stopping. Do each Direction 2 times per day.

This is called the Okay Milking Method. Make sure that your hands are very lubricated before this one. Grab The bottom Of Your Penis by the pubic hairs with your index finger and thumb like you were doing the Okay symbol with your hand. Perform a milking movement up to the top of your head. Execute 15 of these milking motions. If you get hard, stop the exercise, wait for your erection to go down, then start the milking again. This will get the blood pumping into your Penile Chambers and really help for massive growth. Do 2 sets a day, so that is 30 total with a 2-3 minute rest after 15 repetitions.

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