Has your spouse become much too superstitious lately? May be s/he was always like that, but may be it has become more pronounced now! His/her habits sometimes make you laugh, at other times angry. However, you would never think that he/she is actually suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, would you? Nevertheless, there is a big chance that it is the case. If he/she insists on washing his/her hands every half an hour, what he/she needs is not rebuke, but medical help.

In actual practice, there are different kinds of anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD is just one of them. We may not realize it, but recent surveys have shown that as much as 18% of the American population suffers from one kind or the other. Generalized anxiety disorder or GAD characterized by long lasting anxiety is perhaps the most common ailment in the group, while the panic disorder is perhaps the most frightening.

The good news is that if you undertake systematic treatment procedure, all these kinds of anxiety disorder is curable. However, before we go into that let us go into some of the more common anxiety disorders that have so far been identified. This will at least help us to understand if certain behavior needs medical help or not.

• I have already mentioned GAD or generalized anxiety disorder is most prevalent. It is long lasting disorder and does not focus on any particular situation or incidents.

• Phobias on the other hand are focused on particular situation or stimulus. One can, for example be terrified if he encounters a dog. Some experts include agoraphobia (the fear of being held up in an enclosed place) and social anxiety disorder (the fear of social rejection) under it. Others hold them separately.

• Panic attacks take place without any apparent trigger, peaks it’s reach within ten minutes and then subsides slowly. The attack is accompanied by fear of dying, or becoming faint or even going crazy. The patient may show symptoms like heart palpitation, trembling, choking etc.

• Obsessive-compulsive disorder shows repetitive and compulsions. It is characterized by intrusive images and thoughts as well as an urge to perform certain action to get rid of it.

• Posttraumatic stress disorder and separation anxiety are two more anxiety disorders.

If you or anyone you know show symptoms of these disorders, he should undertake immediate anxiety disorder treatment. Earlier there was only the mainstream treatment procedure, which consisted of psychotherapy and medication. However, it could not always produce satisfactory results. The anti depressant and anti anxiety pills that one is required to take definitely leave adverse effect on the health of the patient. Therapies too take too long to show any concrete result.

Fortunately, there are now many alternate methods to combat this disorder. Charles Linden anxiety recovery process is one such program that can help you to get rid of anxiety disorder without any medication. The process refuses to admit that anxiety disorder is an ailment, but believes that the patient has mistakenly adopted an anxious disposition and now just has to unlearn what he has erroneously learned. The effectiveness of the procedure can be gauged by its spread across the world.

Buy the Linden Method to get rid of anxiety disorder in a medicine free way. However, you can try Pure Calm if you believe you cannot carry on without any medicinal help. It is a 100% non-addictive herbal remedy formulated after years of research by clinical psychologists. Since it is a fast acting formula in a concentrated tincture, it can calm you down if you take it at the onset of any attack. If taken on regular basis, it not only balances the emotions during time of stress, but also improves overall feeling of wellness.

There are many anxiety disorder books written by ex-sufferers. They have not only written about their own experience, but also about many other sufferers, who have since been cured. These books also tell you how they have got rid of their anxiety disorder and show you how you too can get rid of it, if you follow their footstep. Read these books even if you do not have the courage to give up your mainstream treatment. You will at least know that you are not alone.

However, one point is certain. Nothing can help you to get rid of your anxiety disorder unless you want to. Therefore, first you need to accept that you are suffering from anxiety disorder and that there are people who can help you if you are willing to be helped. Believe that you can be cured and you will be cured. It is as simple as that.

Article by Beth Kaminski.

Source by E E Kaminski

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