Are you experiencing panic attack symptoms in your life? Have you become an anxiety pills slave? Everything you did try has been nothing else than a quick fix failing in just a few weeks and sometimes in just a few days? If so, it’s time to get the control of your life back and have some relief.

Dealing with panic attack symptoms is in fact the biggest challenge in the life of the people who can’t get rid of them the fast way. We are going to see here the story of Jane, a young woman who went from a normal life to panic attack hell in just four steps. She was dealing with panic attack symptoms every day of her life for many years. Finally something changed and she has been able to learn how to get the control of her life back with just three strategic steps (you can see also Joe’s story by just sending a blank mail to

Step 1 of Going Down with Panic Attacks: The Symptoms in the Daily Life of a Panic Attack Sufferer

Jane’s panic attack story starts with difficult tasks at the job (your case can be the same or anything else you are uneasy with but you have to confront recurrently).

These uneasy tasks made her slow in addressing her duties and she started being late in delivering her daily job activities. Her stress started to grow and her sense of uneasiness started to flood all around her job.

Shortly she started to feel stress, racing heartbeats, headaches, sweating and indigestion. In a few weeks lived that way she started feeling mood swings and depression.

Her sense of control started lacking and eventually she started to despair and experience panic attack symptoms with increasing frequency.

Eventually she was crippled both emotionally and physically.

Step 2 of Going Down with Panic Attacks: The Relationships Spiral

Life began to be very hard for Jane. Jane didn’t know what was happening to her or what was causing these things to happen to her, so she had nowhere to turn; dealing with these panic attack issues was threatening her life.

Jane started systematically lacking of resources to deal with her day by day relationships. She began to withdraw from her family and friends. Distance was increasing from his husband and in a few months this started to put her marriage at increasing risk.

This fall of her relationships along with everything becoming difficult in her life caused herself to become angry at the world for causing this much stress and angry at herself because she couldn’t control it better. As she found herself unable to manage this stress any better, she started blaming her own lack of coping skills for the things that were happening to her.

Jane began to get upset at everything and everyone around her. She became a reclusive young woman; for almost an entire year she never left neither her home nor her bedroom except to perform basic household tasks and for eating.

Step 3 of Going Down with Panic Attacks: The Wrong Specialist

Eventually, her family started to get so worried that they called in specialists. They asked Jane what was happening without ever really listening to her and figuring out what her real problems were; they ended up just prescribing Jane several different types of pills.

Be aware that a good friend is much better that the wrong specialist. If you feel his not listening to you, please do yourself a favour and find another one. Jane had to learn this lesson the hard way.

Step 4 of Going Down with Panic Attacks: Attack of the Clone Pills

With the support of the wrong specialists Jane started a massive panic attack drug therapy.

She started with Xanax and other types of medications. She could get a quick and fake relief shortly, but because of improper methods of dealing with panic attack problems (her specialist focused on just symptoms instead of finding the root cause of her problems), in a few weeks her symptoms worse and added new ones to her life that increased her stress instead of relaxing and bringing her down.

This left Jane with even fewer personal resources and was not surprise that her anxiety attacks worsened; eventually she became very depressed.

She had to deal constantly with the endless symptoms that not only the anxiety attacks were bringing, but also with the new problems that came with the drug use. At the end, Jane spent a great deal of her last panic attack year on a combination of depression and anxiety attack medications (you can get more info on panic attack medicines in section 4 of my Anxiety and Panic Attack Special Report you can get for free by just sending a blank mail to email address listed in resource box below.

Rising Back

Tired and at the end of her rope, Jane decided to turn down at least the bad side effects of the drugs. Something changed in her life and finally was able to get the control of her life back in just three strategic steps.

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